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Social Commerce:  The Secret to Future Ecommerce Channel Growth

 On average, a person spends her six years or more of her entire life on social media. These are huge numbers that we use to grow our business. The growing popularity of social media has led to the emergence of social commerce. This gives brands additional opportunities to increase sales, improve user experience, and streamline their marketing funnel. See how social commerce can help you increase your income.

 What is Social Commerce and what are its benefits?

 Social commerce is the use of social media for online commerce. The aggressive development of media deals has changed brands’ attitudes towards corporate profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

Social commerce is not social media marketing. The difference is that marketing redirects potential customers to make purchases on another platform, such as an online store. In media trading, purchases are made within the platform.

 Users sometimes find it difficult to shop on e-commerce websites. A poorly optimized mobile version, a confusing shopping cart, or a complicated signup form can drive potential customers away, leaving them in search of a simpler website. With social media, it doesn’t matter. The platform itself handles optimizations for smartphones, registration is already complete, and shopping carts can usually be turned into ‘buy’ buttons with one click.

 Benefits of social media commerce:

 51% of millennials are positive about shopping on social media. A simple customer journey from interest to purchase.  Good coverage of the publication by user comments.  84% of potential buyers visit a company’s social media pages before making a purchase. This increases the potential for sales within the platform. Increased conversions through proper adaptation of the application for mobile devices.  Advertising agencies within the platform set targeting and collect statistics about subscribers.  23% of users buy from social media recommendations. Online retailers with social media accounts sell 32% more than competitors without such profiles. Social commerce trends. A guide to their application

 Social commerce for low-priced goods. The lower the price of an item, the more likely it is to make an impulse purchase. Why do people use social platforms? You don’t want to waste your time looking up prices for quality products, you want to be distracted by relaxing and active content. These products don’t attract attention. With this in mind, choose good quality and inexpensive products. This will generate additional sales.

 Present your products to potential customers to purchase with confidence. Social media is a combination of low prices and beautiful images. If you follow this rule, your media store will start generating steady and stable income.  People are happy to share email addresses. In order not to lose potential customers, attract them with cheap products and save their email address. Make sure they don’t forget the brand. Add the user’s address to your e-mail list and remind them of the great and cheap items they buy on a regular basis. Build trust in your business and convert media commerce customers to full-fledged top buyers.

 chatbots peaked. Users are impatient and want answers quickly. It doesn’t matter what time or  day of the week. Sellers should always be in touch. It is difficult to reply to all messages and provide 24/7 support. There are robots that can work for you – chatbots.  Chatbot is very quick and easy to understand and configure. The reaction to such a small effort will exceed expectations.

Social commerce isn’t just about increasing sales. It’s also about attracting new customers and building brand awareness. If you still don’t have a social store, it’s time to start one.



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